Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Programs Become Unsuccessful

Employee wellness is slowly becoming one of the main priorities for employers. Since your employees are considered as one of your most important assets, it is important to find program that promotes corporate wellness Sydney has to offer. When your employees take good care of their health, they perform better and more effective at work. Aside from finding the right program, it is also important to know how to use the program.

One way to get the most benefit from the best corporate wellness in Sydney is to recognize common mistakes upon implementation of the program. Here are common challenges associated with putting a Sydney corporate wellness program in place and how you can overcome them:

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Team vs Individual Challenges

One of the ideas that employers like to use for their corporate wellness in Sydney is to pose an individual challenge. While this is a good idea to motivate each person to do their best to stay fit, it is undeniable that the competitive nature will overcome the whole point of the activity. Some people might be tempted to cheat their way to victory. They are more focused on the prize rather than on getting fit. To avoid this from happening, set up team challenges instead. An individual will be more motivated when working as a team whereas working individually will tempt an employee to take the easy way out.


In a corporate environment, there are several forms of communication that you can employ to spread the word about your wellness programs. Email is the most common form of communication in the workplace. One technique that employer use is to send out fitness information and exercises tips to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy. However, email can be easily cluttered – employees receive hundreds of emails each day already! Hence, getting the employees to read the fitness newsletters can be challenging.

A good tip to overcome the troubles of communicating wellness information via email is to keep the newsletters short, interesting and concise. If possible, display information in an easy to digest manner and use visuals to make them interesting.

An even bigger challenge faces companies that do not use corporate email accounts. A good alternative for it is to use bright, eye-catching and carefully worded posters, just like an infographic if it were sent via email.

Access to Resources

This is another important challenge faced by employers who want to promote programs for corporate wellness Sydney has to offer. The HR department is one that is often tasked to manage this program; however, most member of the HR department already have their own set of responsibilities. Finding an employee that will take on the full leadership as far as implementing Sydney corporate wellness programs is concerned should be your main priority. In addition, you should also have access to resources to be able to put the program into place.

Promoting health and fitness in the workplace is nothing new. It is evidenced by the growth of programs that offer corporate wellness Sydney has today. By overcoming the challenges stipulated above, you will be able to enjoy the benefits the program promised.

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