How to Choose the Perfect Waterproof Mat or Pad for Your Mattress

A waterproof mat is something that would be of great help to protect your mattress from bed wetting and other wear and tear. It can also help you with a quick clean up even in the middle of the night. If you aren’t using mattress protection yet, then, it’s time that you take the step in finding one that will suit you and your baby’s delicate bed.

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Why should you protect your mattress?

But before shopping for an Australian waterproof mat, you need to know why you need to buy one in the first place. You need to understand that your mattress must be kept dry and tidy all the time because once liquids are poured into it, bacteria and molds will have a place to grow, and you wouldn’t like that, for sure.

Also, putting a protective mat or pad over your mattress will keep you from some allergens and dust mites, which can be a hazard to your baby’s delicate skin. There are some types of waterproof mat in Australia that has special features such as bedbug barriers, which can be of great help in protecting not just your baby, but the whole family.

Types of waterproof mats for your bedding

The quality, size, and style that you want for a waterproof mat or mattress pad will depend on your preferences. Whatever it is, the main purpose of your protective mat is to extend the life of your mattress. The common types of mattress covers include:

  • Vinyl cover- this is also called a plastic sheet. Whilst this is the most common protection as it is easily wiped clean, the usual complaints that consumers have for this type of mat is that it is usually hot and uncomfortable.
  • Waterproof pads – these are usually placed on top of the mattress with skirted sides. It has a lot of absorbent materials to give you a comfortable and breathable barrier for your bed. However, it is also equipped with a waterproof top layer to ensure that all liquids are repelled.
  • Mattress encasement – this is usually a semi-permanent cover for the mattress. Some mattress encasements are made from waterproof types of vinyl to provide optimum protection to your bed.
  • Overlays – overlays are best for nighttime wetting. These are usually used in baby’s cribs, in nursing homes, and hospitals to keep the bed tidy and waterproof for both old and young.
  • Bed cover with anti-allergy features – some mattress mats and covers aren’t only waterproof but are also anti-allergic to protect you and your baby against dust mites, which can trigger histamines. Most anti-allergy bed mats are breathable, and comfortable for sensitive individuals.

Buy only the Best Quality

You can’t say that you have bought a cheap Australian waterproof mat without questioning its quality. You can’t always say that you got the best buy of your life simply because you have spent lesser than you have expected for a waterproof mat or pad.

But, you must also be mindful of the brand and quality. To keep the dilemma a little bit easier to manage, search for consumer feedback and suggestions online to determine the best waterproof mat brands in Australia. For more details, take a look at

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