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How to Be an Effective Teacher in Cambodia

Teaching jobs in Cambodia can be a fun way of earning a living. Although they are not excessively paying as most people who travel abroad would expect, one can easily survive because the cost of living is generally low. For every hour, a teacher can make between $10 and $14. This does not sound much but it can see someone who does not engage in luxury through. The cost of housing for a single month is roughly $150, and a meal is $1 to $3 or more depending on what an individual has.

Cambodia has been through a rough past and is just beginning to rebuild its lost glory. Most children are orphans or have single parents. They are eager to learn, although some have the “I don’t care” attitude as well. All the same, a great teacher should be able to train the learners to pay attention to a lesson’s content. An individual with the passion to mold youngsters can apply for teaching jobs in Cambodia not only to make a living but to enjoy life in a foreign country while learning its history.

There may be better paying jobs in other Asian countries, but in Cambodia, immigration processes are hassle-free and one can easily get a visa upon arrival. Also, teaching jobs in Cambodia can be obtained without necessarily having a teaching degree, more so for pleasant looking individuals in the rural regions. In towns however, there are higher requirements and one must have certain qualifications.

With little barriers to entry in Cambodia, so many people are rushing for Cambodia teaching jobs even without teaching experience. In case an individual has an interest in the jobs but no prior training, below are tips to help one fit perfectly into the teaching institution:

Qualities of a Good Teacher in Cambodia

  • Be passionate – Love the job without reservation. The internet is awash with plenty of information on how to handle a variety of subjects. Study all that to get into class prepared.
  • Set Clear Objectives – Every lesson must have clear objectives that a teacher aims to achieve. Set clear aims for each lesson and strive to achieve them within the specified time frame. When one applies for TEFL jobs in Cambodia, let the end results be proof of set objectives.
  • Effective Discipline Skills – Handling children can be a challenge as they all come from varying backgrounds. However, with fair strictness, a teacher in Cambodia can get the learners to be respectful and disciplined. Remember, without discipline, a lesson cannot be successful.
  • Class Management Skills – The first few days in a foreign land can be a bit of a challenge but one who masters management skills can organize a class to be manageable.
  • Knowledge of Curriculum – Study the curriculum to present to learners what they deserve. Within the first few days, a good teacher will do plenty of research to know whatever is required and how to deliver.
  • Willingness to Improve – The first few days lessons may not be very effective, but as long as a teacher is willing to improve, with time, this can happen. Remember, TEFL in Cambodia is available when there is proof of determination and excellence in a teacher. Check out Ardor SEO

Cambodia is the place to go for people in need of teaching jobs. Take a moment to find out how to send an application.

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