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How to Ace Your Law Firm’s Social Media Tactics

Social media is one aspect of digital marketing that law firms might not consider first when mapping out a strategy. However, it is one of the most powerful platforms that you can use if you want to connect with influencers, thought leaders and prospect clients. If you are planning your strategy for social media for law firms, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the tactics that proved effective for other law firms that you can incorporate into your own.

Demonstrate Expertise

One of the best ways to use social media for law firms is to establish your expertise. If you are a lawyer, your expertise is your product. Therefore, the more people realize your expertise, the more likely they are going to hire for a job. In fact, social media provides the perfect platform for this because you are able to communicate directly with your prospect clients. It makes your services more tangible to people who are considering of hiring your services.

One example you can do this is to provide tips to your followers about common legal questions. A lot of people would also like to get some form of advice before they choose to work with a lawyer. Hence, you can also offer free consultation from time to time. This will reinforce your expertise and also makes you more reliable in the eyes of prospective clients.

Build Your Professional Network

When you are on social media, you will also encounter other business professionals – whether or not within the legal industry. You can choose to connect with the socially in order to expand your network. Social media experts suggest that this platform is one of the best channels to launch digital marketing for lawyers. Social media platforms suit professional service firms more so than businesses do; this is because professional services are built on social relationships and trust. Hence, it is important that you not only earn the trust of your prospect clients but also that of your fellow professionals. See more at Good2bSocial

Practice Social Media Listening

This is one of the newest strategies to come out with social media for law firms. It is also commonly used by law firms that want to achieve competitive intelligence and monitoring. How do you do social media listening? You can set up social media alerts to find out clients are looking for. You can determine the key issues facing the legal industry and base your posts off of that. Make sure you do not limit yourself to search engines because that is merely scratching the surface. Go to social media because this is where you can find people who have concerns that your services can meet.

Staying active on social media is also important if you want to make your presence known. It is not enough that you set up profile and just leave it there. After all, interactivity is a huge component of social media success. If you need more help with building a winning social media strategy for law firms, go to Good2bSocial at

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