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Here’s what matters the most while developing a bespoke design

You may have heard someone saying that he has no time, or perhaps you might have said this to yourself, probably more often than you should have. But this issue over not having enough time is exceptionally true in case of the Internet users today. These people have no patience at all and therefore, a website with heavy pages taking a long time to load is nothing more than a complete disaster for your digital marketing campaigns and sites. In an article published recently by Econsultancy, it is reported that 40 percent of users normally abandon a site if it is taking more than 3 seconds to load. Amidst a grand scheme of various things, 3 seconds appear to be nothing, but it is very hard to accept that these 3 seconds will determine your conversion rates and also dollars from your accounts. Therefore, while working on your bespoke website developmentget rid of all those scripts, sliders or anything that weighs your pages down.

Factors to take into account

When you are opting for a bespoke website development, there are loads of things that you will need to bear in mind in order to make it a pleasant surfing experience for your users and enjoy a higher conversion rate. Some of the things that you would have to take into account include:

·        Mobile friendly website: There are literally thousands of websites built around your specific niche. And if your website is not mobile friendly, users would definitely look up for the next option. So it is important to make your website mobile friendly with an intuitive design that doesn’t take much time to load. This is the first and foremost thing that you must ensure while going for bespoke website development.

·        Access to certified developers: In case you have selected the Magento ecommerce website design, you can get access to numerous of Developer Certification programs that have become a standardized eligibility in the industry. You are required to look for certified partners and developers who would be efficient in understanding your website’s needs and turn them into a full-fledged ecommerce website.

·        Security is of top priority: You must have an easy access to a full team of professional security experts and a security payment bridge so that you can easily achieve PCI compliance. You must take security very seriously while going for a cheap website design Leicester professionals create. Your users will definitely be making purchases through debit and credit cards as well as net banking, and you will never want them to face any security issues.

·        A responsive design: There is no doubt that Google can bring you the highest amount of traffic than any other source and now Google has estimated that over half of all the searches are performed on tabs and mobiles as mentioned earlier. And you may soon expect to see the mobile organic search to outperform the desktop organic search. Though Google doesn’t openly favour a single method of mobile optimization over some other method, it actually does favour a responsive design.

A reputed SEO company Leicester has would be able to take into consideration all these aspects and design the best ever webpage for you.

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