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Common Mistakes in Postcards and How to Solve Them

Businesses today are massively making use of postcards as a part of their marketing strategy. According to Benchmarks Budgets and Trends annual report by Content Marketing Institute, out of the 13 marketing tactics used by Aussie marketers, newsletters and postcards are popular by 84%, third after website articles at 87% and social media at 92%. This is because they are easy to create, have a high rate of response, are an amazing way of generating sales leads, promoting special offers and driving traffic to a website. It’s also estimated that 100% of postcards actually get read. This is unlike other direct mails, for example, those that are in envelopes as many people find them inconvenient because they first have to be opened. While in a postcard all is out, therefore, no matter how fast a person is, they will get a glimpse of what it’s about and then follow it. This article takes a look at some of the common mistakes that business people and their postcard printing company are likely to make and how to avoid them.

Not targeting the best prospects

Many businesses don’t target the best prospects. You can avoid this by having a list of the possible mailing prospects. In-house lists are usually the most recommended, especially if the listed have a record of acting on offers that interest them. If you lack one, then you can develop one or rent one. Subscriber lists of specialized publication or newsletters in your target market are a great step.

Lack of repetition

Have your postcard printing company make enough postcards as consistent repetitive mailings are much more effective than a single mailing. This is because when someone sees your company name over and over, eventually some interest builds on credibility as well. While it may take a number of contacts with a potential customer before it translates to sale, the results at the end of the day are much more rewarding than the small cost that will be incurred at a postcard printing company in Dallas.

Not personalizing their message

You have to guide your postcard printing company to not only produce a professional work but also ensure they have your personalized message in it too. This will always go a long way in generating a pleasant emotional reaction from the readers as they feel that personal connection. Therefore, ensure that you provide a personal message that’s brief.

Using postcards as a sales pitch

 Do not give your printing company for postcards too much information to put in the postcard. The postcard is only intended to grab the attention of the potential customers and then direct them to the next step that can generate sales. For example, just the link to your website, coming to a grand opening or using coupon is enough. Check out at DFW Printing Company.

 A well-thought-out postcard can easily translate the enormous sales for your business that it can actually shock you. All you need is to do is have a professional postcard printing company create it for you and avoid the discussed common mistakes. For more details, just visit

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